Why? Incredibles : discover their full potential and accelerate sustainable development

Incredibles.pro helps users discover their full potential and accelerate sustainable development by matching requests with offers. 

  •  >85% recently faced a situation where they needed a service or product, but didn't know where to find it.
  •  99% of people chose Fear of Fraud while trading on platforms such as Olx, fb Marketplace. 
  • One-third of young consumers have multiple streams of income 
We have acknowledged the critical need for alternate income streams in the face of widespread layoffs, rising inflation, and an impending recession. We are aware of the tremendous obstacles people must overcome when they enter the market and try to live sustainably. In light of this knowledge, we are dedicated to confronting this issue head-on by launching a ground-breaking platform that enables users to realize their full potential and take the first steps toward financial independence. 

Our platform acts as a catalyst, enabling people to make the most of their skills and investigate different revenue streams. Utilizing our services gives customers access to a wide range of opportunities that can aid them in navigating the economic climate's uncertainty. Regardless of the current economic situation, we truly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed. We want to level the playing field and give people from all walks of life the tools they need to take charge of their financial destiny through the use of our ground-breaking platform. We hope to establish a setting where people can realize their full potential and start a fulfilling journey toward independence by encouraging a friendly community and providing helpful tools. 

Join us as we embark on this revolutionary endeavor to change the way people think about earning a living. Together, let's create a better future where people have the resources and chances they need to flourish in the face of hardship. 

  • No platform to help users monetize their time and data 
  • One-way ineffective, dangerous, and feature-bare, hindering users from realizing their full potential.
  • People face tremendous difficulties living sustainably, relying on a single income source in times of widespread layoffs, unemployment, inflation, and recession.

  • A platform enabling monitorization of time & assets
  • Time-based consent management - consent as a commodity.
  • AI enables two-way communication, matching requests with offerings and unlocking users' potential for sustainable development.

Key Features:
  • AI-enabled share, request, offer, exchange, subscribe, and more to a wide range of services.
  • Get compensated for the time, service and consent.